India's Leading Manufacturer of DWC Ducts


General Uses

  • Replacement of GI/RCC/PVC Pipes
  • Along Bridges
  • Across Railroad Crossings
  • Across Rivers, Culverts or Disused Canals

Telecom Uses

  • Casing Duct For Copper Cables
  • Casing Duct For Fibre Optical Cables
  • Electrical Conduits

Electrical Uses

  • Protective Casing For Street Lighting Cables
  • Power Cable Casing

Solar Uses

  • Solar Cable Protective Ducting And Casing

Construction Purposes

  • Road Construction
  • Bridge Construction

Other Uses

  • Used For Drainage Of Waste Water/Sewage/Rain Water/Effluents
  • Used As Suction And Delivery Pipes For Agricultural Irrigation