India's Leading Manufacturer of DWC Ducts


Salient Features

Extremely long life in comparison with GI, RCC & PVC Pipes

Lightweight & high flexibility ensure easy transportation, handling & installation

Excellent Mechanical Properties

    • Higher Ring Stiffness
    • Higher Impact Resistance
    • Higher Crush Resistance
    • Higher Abrasion Resistance

Chemically Inert & resistant to Corrosion

Withstand adverse weather condition

Environment Friendly

DWC pipes have been around for a significant amount of time now and it is high time that we begin appreciating their role in our day-to-day lives.
In the information shared below, we will be discussing various things related to the DWC pipes and know every little detail about them such as what is the DWC HDPE pipe full form or DWC pipe full form. So, buckle up and get ready for some extremely informative facts about DWC pipes!

  • DWC Pipe Is Used For Electrical Work
    A DWC HDPE pipe (Double Wall Corrugated High Density Polyethylene pipe) is widely used for electrical work. Well, the wires which are used for transmission of electrical power are filled inside these pipes and then they are used either in underground or underwater transmission of electric power. Apart from that, these pipes also provide safety to the wires which are used for communication networks such as the underwater network of electric cables of optic fibers which internet service providers use to transceiver huge amounts of data.
  • DWC Pipe Is Used For Storm Water Drainage
    Whenever a city faces heavy rainfalls or a storm arrives, then the storm water drains come into effect in order to prevent water clogging in the entire city. A DWC pipe is used in a storm water drainage system to ensure the effective drainage of water that heavy rainfalls or storms bring along with them. The reason why they are used here is because of their flexibility and their ability to withstand huge live loads. So if you are bestowed with the responsibility to plan the drainage system of your city, you must use DWC pipes in it.
  • They Are Extremely Efficient In Earthquake Prone Areas
    It is a known fact that earthquake prone areas require an extensive amount of care when it comes to construct something there. That is the exact reason why DWC pipes are used in such regions. A DWC pipe is less likely to give in to the sudden shocks and movements that an earthquake prone area is infamous for and that makes it a perfect match to get the job done.
  • They Are Extremely Flexible
    The one quality of a DWC pipe that never fails to amaze a construction work professional is that it is highly flexible. It is because of the flexibility of this pipe that it can be implemented in almost all kinds of construction works and that makes it one of the most sought after pipes out there. So if you ever find yourself confused as to which pipe you should be using, you must ask your contractor whether a DWC pipe will do the job.
  • They Can Withstand A Huge Live Load
    Live loads can be defined as the amount of load or burden which a pipe has to undergo when it is subjected to a load in real time. This load defines the ability of the pipe to work well in the most extreme conditions and a DWC pipe is exactly what comes to the mind of an expert construction works professional when they think of a pipe which can withstand huge live loads.
  • They Are Cost Effective
    DWC pipes are known for their cost effectiveness as they are available for a very reasonable price in most of the markets across the world. The best thing about this is that you will be getting the qualities mentioned above at an affordable price. So, if you have any inhibitions about purchasing a DWC pipe, then you should keep them aside and buy it right away because it is one of the most affordable and easily accessible pipes out there.
  • The Longevity Of A DWC Pipe Is Exemplary
    The longevity of DWC pipes can be accredited to the fact that they have double corrugated walls which gives them an enhanced strength and a certain degree of stiffness which makes them more durable as compared to the normal pipes which are meant for the same purposes. So if you want to buy a pipe which has an exceptional longevity, then you must go for a DWC pipe.
  • These Pipes Are Environment Friendly And Corrosion Resistant
    DWC pipes are known for being environment friendly as they are made of a type of material which does not worsen the condition of its surroundings. Also, the manufacturing process of a DWC pipe is carried out in such a way that it does not compromise with our environment and the natural resources we have. Apart from this, one other quality of a DWC pipe that makes it stand out of the competition is that it offers a great resistance to corrosion.